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Our maps show trails on SVT-owned lands as well as on neighboring lands owned by other organizations, municipalities, state and federal agencies, and private landowners. Note: Many of the parking areas remain unplowed in the winter.

Please comply with SVT's Trail Policies and stay on trails to reduce your impact on wildlife and on the land. Please respect the rights of neighboring landowners by complying with their posted trail policies.

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Trail Maps: 

The Bay Circuit Trail through Baiting Brook-Welch, photo by Sandy Gotlib.

PDF icon Baiting Brook-Welch Trail Map Brochure

During the development boom following WWII, Margaret Pearmain Welch feared for the landscape in the northwest corner of Framingham. To help conserve it, she donated 87 acres of land over several years, starting in 1959, and provided the core of SVT’s first reservation beyond our original Wayland-​Sudbury base. 

PDF icon Berlin Meadows and Sawyer Hill CRs Trail Map and Brochure

Berlin Meadows, owned by the Town of Berlin, is a mix of open field, wet meadow, forested wetland and upland, and dense successional scrub. It provides natural flood control and storm drainage to neighboring communities. The Town donated a conservation restriction on Berlin Meadows to SVT.

Sawyer Hill, which is privately owned land, consists of forested open space and public trails. SVT has held a conservation restriction on this land since 2008.

SVT's Black Cat Farm. Photo by Wayne Hall.

PDF icon Black Cat Farm Trail Map Brochure

Finding a way to protect the fields, woods, and flood plain at Wayland’s Watertown Dairy—an expansive farm near the Sudbury River in the northern part of town—had been on SVT’s wish list since its founding in 1953.

It took collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies and funding from a variety of public and private sources to finally protect, in 1989, what is now the Town of Wayland’s Sedge Meadow Conservation Area

The Boroughs Loop Trail connects the trail networks of Marlborough, Southborough, Westborough, and Northborough to create a 33-mile regional trail that encourages the exploration, enjoyment, and protection of the Boroughs' beauty and natural resources.

The Loop Trail links wooded walking trails, bike paths, aqueduct trails, and sidewalks. Hikers, walkers, and runners are welcome on all parts of the trail. Some sections will allow mountain biking and dog walking.

Brues Woods, by Wayne Hall
Brues Woods, by Wayne Hall

PDF icon Brues Woods Interpretive Nature Trail

PDF icon Brues Woods Trail Map Brochure

Brues Woods' upland trails pass through mature pines. Plank walkways carry the trail across Bridge Brook and through damp areas in the adjacent wooded wetland with its tangled under-story and fallen trees.

A local Eagle Scout created an interpretive nature trail brochure that describes the trees at six markers along the trail. A complete tour takes less than an hour over moderately easy terrain, with some briefly steep spots. 

A view of the meadow on top of Cedar Hill. Photo by Joyce Dwyer.

PDF icon Cedar Hill and Sawink Farm Trail Map and Brochure

PDF icon Crane Swamp Interpretive Trail Brochure


The Crane Swamp Conservation Area spans more than 2,225 acres of open space that straddle the borders of Northborough, Westborough, Southborough, and Marlborough, making this site one of the most significant areas of open space in the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord River watershed. The centerpiece of the conservation area is a 400-acre red maple swamp surrounded by a complex of open fields, wet meadows, ponds, pine plantations, and oak-pine forests, with Cedar Hill to the west and Walnut Hill to the northeast.

Cowassock Woods, by Joyce Dwyer
Cowassock Woods, by Joyce Dwyer

PDF icon Cowassock Woods and Ashland Town Forest Map Brochure

SVT’s Cowassock Woods is nestled in the much larger Ashland Town Forest. Together, these lovely properties span more than 500 acres and are rich in both human and natural history.

As you walk the entrance trail at Cowassock Woods, you can still see signs of a development that was planned for the site; SVT acquired the 50-plus acres of Cowassock Woods in two stages in 1984 and 1992, after the plans fell through.

Cowassock Woods and Ashland Town Forest are composed of a mosaic of mixed hardwood forest types, wetlands, vernal pools and stream corridors.

Frances Hill Conservation Area, by Dany Pelletier

PDF icon Frances Hill Trail Map Brochure

SVT’s Frances Hill Reservation is a good representation of the forests and wetlands of eastern Massachusetts, and it provides territory for resident wildlife and migrating birds.

The 8-acre reservation is a gradually sloping woodland located on the north side of Frances Hill. Owned by SVT since 2009, the reservation is part of a larger conservation area that includes land owned by the Westford Conservation Trust.

PDF icon Gowing's Swamp Trail Map Brochure

Consider how remote and novel that [Gowing’s Swamp]. Beneath it is a quaking bed of sphagnum, and in it grow . . . plants which scarcely a citizen of Concord ever sees. It would be as novel to them to stand there as in a conservatory, or in Greenland . . . .—Henry David Thoreau, August 30, 1856

Great Oak Farm. Photo by Brent Mathison.

PDF icon Great Oak Farm Trail Map Brochure

Great Oak Farm spans 39 acres of forest and farmland in the northeast corner of Berlin. Once the largest organic strawberry operation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the property became a horse-boarding farm when the owner retired. In 2018, the Town of Berlin and SVT purchased a conservation restriction on the land that protects it as agricultural land forever.

A 1-mile-long trail now takes hikers along an old forest road to a beautiful hilltop. The trail also winds around horse pastures, fields, and a pond.

Green Street CR, by Bill Shelley

PDF icon Green Street CR Trail Map Brochure

Sweeping meadow views greet you at the Town of Northborough’s Green Street land. The Northborough Trails Committee has created trails that take you across the Green Street field, over Howard Brook, and onto the steep wooded hillside. Howard Brook—a tributary of the Assabet River—is a cold-water stream that supports native brook trout.

SVT holds conservation restrictions (CRs) over three properties here: Green Street, Rawstron, and Rawstron Woods.

The Sudbury River at Greenways Conservation Area, by Wayne Hall
The Sudbury River at Greenways Conservation Area, by Wayne Hall

PDF icon Greenways Trail Map Brochure

Greenways Conservation Area is a portion of the former Paine Estate, purchased by SVT and the Town of Wayland in 1995. Historic sites, woods, open fields, wetlands and almost one-half mile of shoreline on the Sudbury River make Greenways a remarkable place.  Visitors can explore nearly two miles of trails, many of them old cart paths. 

PDF icon Hamlen Woods and Mainstone Farm Trail Map Brochure

Please note that Mainstone Farm is privately owned. Portions of the land are not open to the public. Please stay on designated trails, shown on the map.

Hamlen Woods and Mainstone Farm highlight a complex of conserved lands owned by the Town of Wayland, Sudbury Valley Trustees, and other private entitites. Additional protected lands, including Mainstone Hills, Reeves Hill, and Turkey Hill, contribute to a network of wildlife habitat and public trails. 

Hazel Brook Conservation Area, by Mark Levinson.

PDF icon Hazel Brook Trail Map Brochure

PDF icon Hazel Brook Interpretive Guide

Hazel Brook Conservation Area (48.4 acres) rewards your senses almost immediately by the sound of the rushing waters of Hazel Brook, soon followed by the sight of a beautiful pond. Hazel Brook Conservation Area offers a varied landscape of water, open fields, and hardwood forest. With the old forest roads and a view across fields that has hardly changed in 150 years, you may feel you’ve stepped back in time. 

PDF icon Hop Brook Natural Area Interpretive Trail

PDF icon Hop Brook Natural Area Trail Map Brochure

The Hop Brook Natural Area is one of several wildlife havens in the northwestern part of Framingham. Owned by SVT, this land sits amid residential properties, a pasture, and a hayfield. It consists mostly of red maple swamp, and it features about 1200 feet of Hop Brook, one large pond, and two smaller ponds. 

A brook, three ponds, red maple swamp, and many fruit- and seed-bearing trees provide habitat suitable for otters, foxes, minks, and cottontail rabbits, as well as a variety of fish, turtles, birds, frogs, and insects.

PDF icon Horse Meadows Knoll Trail Map Brochure

Horse Meadows Knoll sits adjacent to the Horse Meadows Reservoir, which is now a beautiful naturalized pond. The property is forested with a mixture of hardwood species, white pine, and hemlock, and it provides habitat for multiple endangered species.

The Harvard Conservation Trust (HCT) and SVT worked together to protect this land. HCT owns the land, and SVT holds a conservation restriction. SVT manages the land and worked with HCT to create hiking trails that offer beautiful views of the reservoir and its associated wetlands.

PDF icon Lyons-Cutler Trail Map Brochure

PDF icon Interpretive Guide Brochure

SVT acquired ownership of Lyons-Cutler in several stages, beginning in 1961 with a three-acre gift from Mary Goodnow Cutler. Another eight acres came in 1967 with two gifts, one from Kenneth and Joseph Cutler and one from Roland Cutler. In the following year SVT purchased the core piece of the reservation, a 59-acre parcel from Edward Lyons. The most recent addition to SVT’s reservation came in the form of a three-acre gift from Forrest Bradshaw in 1985. 

Memorial Forest, by Raj Das
Memorial Forest, by Raj Das

PDF icon Memorial Forest Trail Map Brochure

Effective May 1, 2021, all conservation land owners in the Desert Natural Area have enacted a dog-leash policy. Visitors are asked to keep their pets on leash at all times to help protect wildlife and sensitive resources, and to ensure a pleasant experience for all. People and their pets should stay on trails. Learn more about the policy.

O'Brien Farm, by Christine Tucker

PDF icon O'Brien Farm Trail Map Brochure

Visiting O’Brien Farm, with its 18th-century barn and classic stone walls, is like stepping back in time. The farm has been owned by succeeding generations of the O’Brien family since 1886, and it was protected in 2012 when descendant Charlie McColough sold a conservation restriction to SVT and the Town of Westford at a discounted price.

Please note: This land is privately owned.  Please follow the signs and stay on marked trails.

PDF icon O'Connor CR Trail Map and Brochure

Owned by the Town of Bedford, the O’Connor land contains wooded uplands and wetlands, and it lies within a region that holds residential, industrial, and conservation lands. The trail system provides a much-need place for respite and exercise in the midst of a heavily developed area.

In 2009, the Town donated a conservation restriction (CR) on the property to SVT; this CR ensures the property will never be developed into housing lots. SVT works with the Town of Bedford to ensure that the conservation values on the land are maintained.

PDF icon Peach Hill Conservation Area Trail Map

The Peach Hill Conservation Area is an 80-acre forest block owned by the Town of Berlin. It is located off Lancaster Road and Peach Hill Road in north Berlin, abutting the town line with Bolton. 

Peach Hill sits just across Lancaster Road from the Forty Caves Conservation Area, and it abuts another 157 acres of conservation land in Bolton, including the Fyfeshire Conservation Area and two farms that are protected with APRs (Agricultural Preservation Restrictions).

PDF icon Peppergrass Brook CR Trail Map and Brochure

Named after the brook that flows through the property on its way to the Sudbury River, the Peppergrass Brook conservation restriction (CR) lies within a region heavily dotted with conservation lands, including the Town of Bedford’s Carlisle Road Conservation Areas, Bedford Meadows CR, Brown-Page Conservation Area, and Redmond- Anderson Conservation Area, as well as Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

Prospect Hill CR, by Terri Ackerman

PDF icon Prospect Hill CR Trail Map Brochure

The Prospect Hill Wildlife Sanctuary was donated to the Westford Conservation Trust (WCT) by Priscilla Elliot in 1999 and consists of eight acres of woodland and an adjoining field. SVT holds a conservation restricion (CR) over the property. The Town of Westford annually mows the field, which used to be a cornfield, to maintain it as habitat for pollinators.

The peak of Prospect Hill, which is not part of the wildlife sanctuary, is the highest point in Northern Middlesex County. 

The Concord River from Ralph Hill Conservation Area.
The Concord River from Ralph Hill Conservation Area.

PDF icon Ralph Hill and Vietnam Veterans Park Brochure and Map

The Town of Billerica and SVT collaboratively manage the Vietnam Veterans Park and Ralph Hill Conservation Area.

Vietnam Veterans Park was the first park in the United States dedicated to Vietnam Veterans.

The Middlesex House of Corrections formerly used the upper part of the property as a working farm that provided dairy products and vegetables to the prison. 

Round Hill, by Jill Kern
Round Hill, by Jill Kern

PDF icon Round Hill Brochure and Map

PDF icon Round Hill Interpretive Brochure

Round Hill is a drumlin, created during the last glacial period when a load of rocks and clay clogged the base of the ice so that it stopped moving. As the upper layers of ice retreated, they rode over this deposit and left it behind.

Purchased by SVT in 1964, the hill is now surrounded by other protected open space, more than 1,000 acres in all. 

PDF icon Smith Conservation Land Trail Map

SVT and the Town of Harvard share ownership of these stunning properties that provide essential habitat for numerous species of wildlife. With help from private donors, SVT purchased the 48 acres in Littleton, while the Town of Harvard purchased the 12 acres in Harvard. The Littleton Conservation Trust holds a conservation restriction over all 60 acres.

With a new parking area on Whitcomb Avenue in Littleton, and trail loops now open on both sides of the road, Smith Conservation Land boasts expansive views of both Beaver Brook Marsh and Black Pond Ravine.

Photo by Bill Shelley

PDF icon Sweetwilliam Farm CR and Whitney Conservation Area CR Trail Map and Guide

Together, Sweetwilliam Farm and the Town of Upton’s Whitney Conservation Area include part of a farm that dates back to the mid-18th century. The farm was once owned by the grandfather, uncle, and cousin of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin and native of nearby Westborough. 

SVT holds conservation restrictions (CRs) on Sweetwilliam Farm and on a portion of the town-owned property as well. 

Please note: Sweetwilliam Farm is a privately owned working farm and is not open to the public in its entirety. Please follow the signs and stay on the trail. 

Walkup & Robinson Memorial Reservation, by Jill Kern
Walkup & Robinson Memorial Reservation, by Jill Kern

PDF icon Walkup and Robinson Memorial Reservation Trail Map Brochure

PDF icon Walkup and Robinson Memorial Reservation Interpretive Guide

This reservation was left to SVT in 1980 by Lawrence Walkup, a farmer and lifelong resident of Westborough. It is a memorial to his parents and to the four generations of his family who farmed the land. 

The property includes mixed hardwood and conifers and old pasture uplands, an open field with wet meadow, a wooded wetland with vernal pools, and a small pond.

PDF icon George and Lucy Yapp CR Trail Map Brochure

The George and Lucy Yapp Conservation Land, which is owned by the Town of Littleton, is located in a scenic rural corner of the town. It links with other conserved lands in the area, creating a network of open space that is beneficial to wildlife.

SVT holds a conservation restriction (CR) on the Yapp property, partnering with the town to ensure its permanent protection.