Skunk cabbage at Cowassock Woods in Framingham, photographed by Rob St. Germain.
Rob St. Germain photographed skunk cabbage emerging at SVT's Cowassock Woods in Framingham.

We talk a lot about healthy forests at SVT, but what makes a forest "healthy"?

Healthy forests have an assortment of habitats that support a...

SVT volunteer Michael Welles recorded this video of spotted salamanders in a vernal pool at SVT's Cowassock Woods in Framingham and Ashland.
A circumhorizontal arc over Ashland Town Forest, photographed by Rob St. Germain.
Rob St. Germain photographed this circumhorizontal arc over the Ashland Town Forest in Ashland.
The Warren Woods Stewardship Committee used their automatically triggered wildlife camera to record this video of a bobcat at Warren Woods in Ashland.
A northern cardinal in Ashland, photographed by Cindy Winer.
Cindy Winer photographed a pair of northern cardinals, a house sparrow, and a house finch at her feeder in Ashland.
A gray catbird in Ashland, photographed by Laurene Hunt.
Laurene Hunt photographed this gray catbird in Ashland. Lauren shares that she first spotted the catbird during a snowfall on February 13, and has since had daily visits at her...
A barred owl in Ashland, photographed by Nancy Wright.
Nancy Wright photographed these barred owls in Ashland.