Weed Warrior Program

Weed Warriors at Wolbach
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With the help of volunteer Weed Warriors, SVT and other conservation groups are waging a battle against invasive plants.

If you have an aptitude for plant identification and a willingness to uproot plants, you have the makings of a great Weed Warrior!

Weed Warriors help SVT and other conservation groups in SuAsCo CISMA remove invasive plants that are crowding out and killing the native plants that provide habitat for our native wildlife.

Using their hands and some simple tools, Weed Warriors help uproot and cut back these invasives so our native plants can survive and thrive. It can be hard work, but it can also be fun, and Weed Warriors have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to protect the health of local conservation lands.

There are two ways to become involved with the Weed Warrior program:

Become Certified

Certified Weed Warriors are permitted to work independently or lead small groups in removing invasive plants from a specified conservation land. No SVT supervision needed.

To be certified, volunteers must attend a training program inaugurated by SVT and now managed by SuAsCo CISMA. You’ll learn to identify and remove the nonnative invasive plants that are threatening the health of native wildlife habitats. Examples include: glossy buckthorn, Asian bittersweet, burning bush, and Japanese barberry.

Join a Workday

Volunteers who don’t want to be certified but do want to help can participate in a Weed Warrior Workday, or "pull event," where a group will work together to remove invasives from a property.  

The SuAsCo CISMA website provides more information about both options and also lists upcoming pull events from throughout the region. In addition, SVT lists our Weed Warrior Workdays on our Program Calendar.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Jane Maloney at [email protected].