Job & Volunteer Opportunities


SVT has no job openings at this time. 



SVT is seeking two TerraCorps-AmeriCorps Members for the 2019-2020 service year:

Land Stewardship Coordinator (LSC)

Regional Conservation Coordinator (RCC)



Our Internship positions are currently filled. 

What past interns have said about their experiences at SVT:

Sarah Lippman, Hofstra University Class of 2017 (2016 summer intern): 
“I feel pretty good about what I have been a part of in such a short amount of time.  To the future interns, you will probably be given a long list of things that the SVT team hopes you can accomplish…don’t get overwhelmed because you will be able to handle it, you’ll want to be a part of it all, and when it’s all over you’ll look back and realize that this small contribution you have made really does make a difference in the end.”

Natasha Marrero, Class of 2016, Framingham State University:
"Being the social media intern was about so much more. It was about learning how much work and effort goes into publicity via social media. As well as the volunteers at SVT and the projects they're working on to help conserve land that I got to help with. It was also about how much I learned about myself. I never realized my full potential with my creativity until I got this position. To future interns I say this: be prepared  for the unexpected and take every challenge SVT brings to you as a doorway to your future. SVT is full of supportive people who are willing to listen, so use everyone to your benefit."

Matthew Davis, Class of 2015, Framingham State University:
“Sudbury Valley Trustees is a great organization to get involved with. They are friendly and welcoming, and encouraging of creativity and new ideas. The work they do to protect local land and habitats not only benefits the surrounding communities, but the larger region they manage. Together with other local and regional land trusts, they hope to protect a wildlife corridor stretching from Central Massachusetts all the way up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Their mission to protect the environment, even on a local level, is something that everyone can get behind and support. Working at Sudbury Valley Trustees is rewarding, as you feel a sense of achievement, and excitement, when you see what your hard work is ultimately accomplishing.”

Volunteer Opportunities

As a nonprofit organization, SVT relies on volunteers to help protect and steward land, to help coordinate events and programs, and to perform office tasks.  SVT offers numerous volunteer opportunities for individuals and families who want to connect with nature and assist in our conservation efforts.  We also devise outings for businesses who are interested in sponsoring volunteer days for their employees. See our Volunteer page for more information.