Boroughs Loop Trail


Marlborough, Northborough, Southborough, Westborough


33 miles when complete. Approximately 24 miles are open so far. Details can be found on the maps.


Scroll down to "Maps and Guides" for interactive and printable maps.

About the Trail

The Boroughs Loop Trail connects the trail networks of Marlborough, Southborough, Westborough, and Northborough to create a 33-mile regional trail that encourages the exploration, enjoyment, and protection of the Boroughs' beauty and natural resources.

The Loop Trail links wooded walking trails, bike paths, aqueduct trails, and sidewalks. Hikers, walkers, and runners are welcome on all parts of the trail. Some sections allow mountain biking and dog walking.

Volunteers needed: The Boroughs Loop Trail relies on the efforts of dedicated volunteers for both trail construction and ongoing maintenance. See Volunteer on the Boroughs Loop Trail below to learn how you can help.

Partner Organizations:

Representatives of the four communities, in collaboration with Sudbury Valley Trustees, have created the trail:

Volunteer on the Boroughs Loop Trail

Marlborough Trail Building - The City of Marlborough is looking for volunteers to help build the remaining 16 miles of the Boroughs Loop Trail. We need your help to:

  • Add signage
  • Construct trails
  • Build boardwalks, stairs, and bog bridges

Volunteers with experience in trail work and/or carpentry are especially needed, but anyone who loves the outdoors is welcome and will be trained. If you are interested in being a one-time or ongoing volunteer, please email Priscilla Ryder at [email protected].

Maps and Guides

Interactive Map

Using the + and -  signs on the left side of the image below, you can zoom in and out for precise trail details and to find the locations of parking areas. The Legend for the map appears below the image. Portions marked as "Future Link" are currently inaccessible.

Further down this page, you will find printable versions of the map.

Open this map in a separate window.

Printable Maps

The map for this 33-mile trail is too large to print on a single sheet of paper (useful details would be lost). We’ve broken the map into four sections (see image below for the region covered by each section). Click on each link to download a printable PDF for that section. Portions marked as "Future Link" are currently inaccessible.

  • Section 1, from Boundary Street in Marlborough/Northborough to Stevens Street in Marlborough
  • Section 2, from Poirier Drive in Marlborough to Parmenter Street in Marlborough
  • Section 3, from Parmenter Street in Marlborough to Main Street in Southborough
  • Section 4, from Deerfoot Road in Southborough to Boundary Street in Marlborough/Northborough