Smith Conservation Land

To the east of Whitcomb Avenue, take a gentle walk down to the Beaver Brook marshes and view the heron rookery in the distance. To the west of Whitcomb Avenue, enjoy a deep woods walk to a stunning ravine trail with views of Black Pond and scenic marshes. This trail passes a vernal pool and interesting geological features and loops back to the parking lot.

Learn about SVT's plans to improve the wildlife habitat at Smith Conservation Land.

Full Description

SVT and the Town of Harvard share ownership of these stunning properties that provide essential habitat for numerous species of wildlife. With help from private donors, SVT purchased the 48 acres in Littleton, while the Town of Harvard purchased the 12 acres in Harvard. The Littleton Conservation Trust holds a conservation restriction over all 60 acres.

With a new parking area on Whitcomb Avenue in Littleton, and trail loops now open on both sides of the road, Smith Conservation Land boasts expansive views of both Beaver Brook Marsh and Black Pond Ravine.

Look for tracks and signs of bobcat, porcupine, and even bear along your walk. The yellow trail along the ridge overlooking Black Pond and its stream offers wonderful birding opportunities in the spring. Continue onto additional Town of Harvard Conservation lands for a longer walk or return to the parking area via the blue trail.

A red trail departs the yellow trail shortly after its beginning, and will lead you across the road, by an old farm field, and to Beaver Brook Marsh. Look across the marsh for several great blue heron nests, which promise great sights in the springtime nesting season. Look for remains of a glacial esker on your return.

Please note: Dog walking is allowed, however dogs must be on a leash.


With Google maps, search for this address: 199 Whitcomb Avenue, Littleton, MA

If driving from Route 2, take Exit 112 for Taylor Street, and turn left onto Taylor Street toward Littleton. Take a left immediately after the Route 2 ramps, onto Porter Road. Drive for 0.5 mile and turn left onto Whitcomb Avenue. After approximately 0.8 mile, the Smith Conservation Land parking area will be on your right, marked with an SVT "Smith Conservation Land" sign and kiosk.

Please note: Parking is not available across from 189 Whitcomb Ave, this is private property. Please continue to the parking area by our kiosk, marked with the Smith Conservation Land sign. The barn across the road from the parking area is also private property. Please do not park on that side.

Visit Google Maps for specific directions from your location.

Nearby Nature Sightings

A gray catbird at SVT's Smith Conservation Land in Littleton, photographed by Jon Turner.
Jon Turner photographed a gray catbird, a hermit thrush, a red-winged blackbird, and tree swallows at SVT's Smith Conservation Land in Littleton.
A bobcat in Littleton, photographed with an automatically triggered wildlife camera by Chuck Faraci.
Chuck Faraci used his automatically triggered wildlife camera to photograph a bobcat in Littleton.
A pink lady's slipper at SVT's Smith Conservation Land in Littleton, photographed by Michele Girard.
Michele Girard photographed a pink lady's slipper at SVT's Smith Conservation Land in Littleton.