Yapp CR, Littleton




53.6 acres

Trail Map

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The George and Lucy Yapp Conservation Land, which is owned by the Town of Littleton, is located in a scenic rural corner of the town. It links with other conserved lands in the area, creating a network of open space that is beneficial to wildlife.

SVT holds a conservation restriction (CR) on the Yapp property, partnering with the town to ensure its permanent protection.

The glacier that scraped over this area more than 13,000 years ago exposed bedrock estimated to be more than 400 million years old, primarily hard gray granite pegmatite. As the ice retreated, it left behind glacial erratics, boulders that had been carried along for some distance and are now randomly scattered, far away from their original homes.

The Yapp property is believed to have been part of the 17th century Native American village known as Nashobah, a Nipmuc settlement. The minutes from an 1894 Historical society meeting indicate that Native Americans would have used this area for hunting, splitting rock for quartz, and possibly ceremonial purposes. While there is no documentation of artifacts on the property, the Massachusetts Historical Commission considers it an important site for preservation. 

  • Wildlife that have been observed here include barred owl, red-tailed hawk, fox, fisher, and woodcock.
  • The southeastern third of the property provides habitat for blue-spotted salamander, a species of concern in Massachusetts.
  • A spur trail in the southeastern corner of the Yapp CR leads to an attractive old farm pond with an earthen dam.
  • Fort Rock, on the far eastern side of the CR, is a massive boulder that split into three sections.  Visitors have placed branches over the split areas to form a walk-through cave.  
  • Several streams flow north-south in the valleys, with a small pond in the south-central part of the property.
  • Stone walls are a prominent feature, including those that bound the property.


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From Route 2 in Littleton (between Route 495 and Route 27), take Exit 41 toward Newtown Road, West Acton, and Littleton. Follow Newtown Road north toward Littleton for 2.1 miles. Parking and trail access are on the right.