Whitehall Woods, Hopkinton

Whitehall Woods, Hopkinton
Whitehall Woods, Hopkinton





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SVT's Whitehall Woods is situated between Upton State Forest and Whitehall State Park on Pond Street in Hopkinton. Together these properties form over 2,600 continuous acres of conservation land.

Whitehall Woods consists of varied terrain and habitat type including white pine-red oak forest with scattered pockets of red maple in lowland areas. A large vernal pool is located near the trail head.

The land was protected in October 2016 in partnership with Hopkinton Area Land Trust, who owns a conservation restriction on the property. The trail was opened to the public in June 2017.

  • The trail at Whitehall Woods can be used to access the adjacent Wildlife Sanctuary and Upton State Forest and venture through Upton and into Grafton. 
  • A spur trail through a stand of very large pine trees leads out to Pond Street, where a short walk takes you to the trail head for Whitehall State Park, which surrounds Whitehall Reservoir. The reservoir is a part of a reserve of drinking water system for eastern Massachusetts and connects to a tributary of the Sudbury River.
  • There is evidence of coyote and deer on the Whitehall Woods property. The vernal pool hosts wood frogs and peepers, and possibly other species as well.
  • Birds here include scarlet tanager, chickadees, blue jay, and tufted titmice.
  • Please note - dogs are not allowed on the adjacent state-owned Wildlife Sanctuary (see map).


Whitehall Woods is located at 203 Pond Street in Hopkinton. When you arrive, follow the entrance of a new subdivision road on the west side of Pond Street to a small gravel parking lot on the left side of the road. You will see a sign for "Whitehall Woods Trail, Connector to Upton Forest", and an entrance kiosk in front of the parking area. The trail proceeds from the kiosk.

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