Round Hill, Sudbury

Round Hill, by Jill Kern
Round Hill, by Jill Kern




39 acres

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Round Hill is a drumlin, created during the last glacial period when a load of rocks and clay clogged the base of the ice so that it stopped moving. As the upper layers of ice retreated, they rode over this deposit and left it behind.

Purchased by SVT in 1964, the hill is now surrounded by other protected open space, more than 1,000 acres in all. 

  • At an elevation of 227 feet, Round Hill quickly rises about 100 feet above the surrounding terrain. The view from the top stretches for miles, taking in river, meadows, and rolling terrain, especially in winter.
  • While you can reach the top in 2-3 minutes by the most direct path, take another 20 minutes to swing through wetland and forest before climbing the north side of the hill toward the fine view from the top. 
  • The granite bench at the summit is a memorial to Richard Foster, a prominent local birder and natural historian who frequently visited the site. 
  • A half-hour extension onto the adjacent Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge adds an enlightening tour of glacial features and a spectacular view of the Sudbury River. Please note: Trail policies for Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge are posted at its headquarters. Dogs are not allowed at Great Meadows.
  • Although Round Hill was historically described as “cultivated to its top,” trees and shrubs have since grown up. Community gardens are now situated at the base of the hill along the north side of Lincoln Road, and the land on the south side is still under active agriculture as well.



With mapping software, search for this address: 190 Lincoln Road, Sudbury, MA
From the intersection of Route 27 and Concord Road in Sudbury, go north on Concord Road for 1.0 mile. Turn right on Lincoln Road. Go 1.1 miles. Park on the left at Lincoln Meadows Conservation Area.  Trails can be accessed through Lincoln Meadows or by walking approximately 100 feet further along Lincoln Road and turning left at the SVT sign.
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