Battling the Buckthorn

Aimee Powelka and Ethan Major with a weed wrench

At our Greenways Conservation Area in Wayland on August 24, Aimee Powelka and Ethan Major made good use of a weed wrench as they unearthed an invasive glossy buckthorn. 

The non-native glossy buckthorn is notorious for taking over forests and wetlands, where it crowds out native plants. Buckthorn also leafs out early in the spring and blocks the sun from reaching other trees and shrubs.

Thank you to Aimee and Ethan and all volunteers who help us remove invasive plants like this from our properties. You are helping to protect native species and improve wildlife habitats. 

SVT frequently holds volunteer workdays to remove invasive plants from our conservation areas. Want to help? Check our Programs & Events page to sign up for an upcoming project.