Certified Weed Warrior, Smith Conservation Land, Littleton

Volunteer Position Description

Certified Weed Warriors work at a specific SVT property to manually remove invasive plants and then log their hours and their progress in an online system. Volunteers can work independently or with other Weed Warriors at their site.

Position Name

Certified Weed Warrior, Smith Conservation Land


Be able to accurately identify target species on the property

Properly remove and dispose of or pile target species.

Keep accurate records of your time and the work you do and then enter the information in the online SVT Volunteer Log. The log should be filled out monthly, at a minimum.

Communicate any questions, issues, or concerns to SVT staff.

Participate in periodic reviews with SVT staff to assess progress on assigned property.

While in the field, conduct yourself in a manner that reflects SVT’s values and mission.

Skills needed


  • Standing, squatting, and pulling.
  • Use of manual tools (Weed Wrench, clippers, shovels, picks).
  • Identification of invasive species (with training).
  • Basic technology/Internet literacy.


  • Prior invasive identification/removal experience.

Other Notes

Target species: Asian bittersweet; forb species (early spring only): dame's rocket, greater celandine, garlic mustard, wall letuce, narrow leaved bittercress.

Poison ivy is very common in the Asian bittersweet work areas and cannot be avoided; in these areas, volunteers must wear long pants, long sleeves, and gloves. Washing immediately after exposure is highly recommended.

Poison ivy is present in the forbs area but can be avoided with vigilance. 

Training provided

Volunteers will receive training on target species identification and removal, as will also receive a tour of the property and specific work areas.

Staff will also provide training on our online reporting system.


4 hours per month.


1 year (work will vary with the seasons).


Smith Conservation Land, Littleton, MA

Reports to

Land Steward