Prospect Hill CR, Westford

Prospect Hill CR, by Terri Ackerman




11.25 Acres

Trail Map

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The Prospect Hill Wildlife Sanctuary was donated to the Westford Conservation Trust (WCT) by Priscilla Elliot in 1999 and consists of eight acres of woodland and an adjoining field. SVT holds a conservation restricion (CR) over the property. The Town of Westford annually mows the field, which used to be a cornfield, to maintain it as habitat for pollinators.

The peak of Prospect Hill, which is not part of the wildlife sanctuary, is the highest point in Northern Middlesex County. 

  • Part of the circular trail runs along a ridge of the hill. A stone bench in the northeast corner provides an opportunity to sit and enjoy the view.
  • From the trail, you can observe stone walls, stone “lintel” bridges, and a stone-lined canal. 
  • A small spring rises on the western side of the field and flows south, eventually joining Vine Brook. 
  • Although the field is level, the western half of the property climbs steeply up the southeastern slope of Prospect Hill. 
  • Norway spruce trees at the property were planted after the hurricane of 1938. There are also white pine, hemlock, oak, and a few hickory trees here. 
  • What is believed to be the largest shagbark hickory tree in Massachusetts is located by Hildreth Street, where a stone wall borders the property.


With mapping software, search for this address: Wright Lane and Hildreth Street, Westford, MA

From Route I-495, take Exit 32. Follow Boston Post Road north toward Westford for approximately 1.0 mile. Turn left onto Hildreth Street. Go 150 feet. Turn left, continuing on Hildreth Street. Go 0.4 mile. Turn left onto Wright Lane. Park along the side of the road. Trail access is directly across Hildreth Street.

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