Green Street CR

Sweeping meadow views greet you at the Town of Northborough’s Green Street land. The Northborough Trails Committee has created trails that take you across the Green Street field, over Howard Brook, and onto the steep wooded hillside. Howard Brook—a tributary of the Assabet River—is a cold-water stream that supports native brook trout. 

Full Description

SVT holds conservation restrictions (CRs) over three properties here: Green Street, Rawstron, and Rawstron Woods.

  • A sloped bridge crosses the stone wall and a stream along Green Street, allowing access from the northern tip of the property.
  • The fields on the Green Street land and the privately owned Rawstron land are mowed regularly to maintain their open character and protect a type of wildlife habitat that is becoming less common in our region.
  • Similarly, the private owners of the Rawstron Woods land actively manage the forest to maintain a quality habitat for birds and other animals, such as moose and bobcat. 
  • A small man-made pond serves as a reminder of the land’s agricultural past. Until recently, the pond served as a watering hole for the cows that grazed here.
  • The forested portion of the land is dominated by mature eastern white pines, with occasional scattered oaks, beeches, and other hardwoods.


With mapping software, search for this address: 200 Green Street, Northborough, MA

From the center of Northborough, on Route 20, follow Church Street northwest 0.2 mile. Turn Right onto Howard Street and continue 0.9 mile. Bear left onto Green Street. After approximately 0.8 mile, the parking lot will be on your left.

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