Stop #7, Dam


Notice that you are standing on a rise of land that is actually a man-made earthen dam that channeled water to Willis Mill located on Peakham Rd.  It burned to the ground in 1898.  The dam flooded the Haynes Meadow, which was used for ice skating and fishing.  At one time plans were drawn up to develop cottages along the shore of the pond.  In 1955 the dam was washed out by Hurricane Diane and the pond was no more.

While the glaciologist must be able to identify glacial features, they must be equally capable of distinguishing between features that are the results of human activity and those from glaciation.  For example, the dam you are presently standing on could be confused with an esker.

This vantage point gives you a second look at the ice contact face.

Proceed 220 yds. to stop #8. Walk up the steep rise towards the street and then turn right passed the entrance sign. The trail to the top of the ice contact face is steep. Please stay on the marked trail which is the safest route. On your way continue to look around for more eskers. You will be passing into Sudbury Water District land.