Stop #5, Gray Family History


In 1976 Marjorie Gray most generously gave about fifty five acres of land to SVT as a sanctuary for birds and wildlife, a gift that also helped preserve the glacial features we are exploring today.

It was believed that the Gray family congregated here in winter time to enjoy ice skating on the pond with a brisk fire roaring in the nearby fireplace. Perhaps the fireplace was then part of a cabin that long ago deteriorated. 

The pond was made by the Grays. The removed material was deposited around the perimeter and formed mounds which you can see today.

Besides the glacial features, there is much more to enjoy, such as the abundant wild flowers, red maple swamps, and more. Come back during fall foliage and appreciate the vibrant colors often seen here.

Your next stop is 370 yds. ahead. Keep right at intersection D and the next unmarked intersection. Follow the trailblazer and stop at the bridge. On your way you will leave the SVT Gray Reservation and enter the Haynes Meadow Reservation administrated by the Town of Sudbury.

Just a couple of yards before arriving at stop #6 you will notice that the trail bisects an esker that is parallel to Hop Brook. In a bygone era a piece of the esker was excavated for the trail. Stop #6.