Weed Warrior Program Is Spreading

In January, Maddie Kiszewski and Jorgen Hansen participated in a Weed Warrior session at Gowing's Swamp in Concord.

In 2020, SVT launched a Weed Warrior program to train volunteers in invasive plant identification and removal. Once certified, Weed Warriors can visit SVT properties on their own or in small groups to pull and dispose of non-native invasives.

Our friends at CISMA are now adopting the program and sharing it with other organizations in the region. CISMA, or Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area, is a partnership of organizations that collaborate to control invasive plants in the SVT region.

The expansion of the Weed Warrior program will create a large pool of certified volunteers who can work on a variety of invasives removal projects, regardless of the sponsoring land trust or conservation organization.

Interested? Learn more at our Weed Warrior page.