Upton to Purchase CR on Robertson Property

Photo by Margaret Kush.

Great news! During Upton Town Meeting on November 5, town residents voted to protect the 48-acre Robertson Property on Fowler Street. The Town will use Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds to purchase a conservation restriction (CR) on the land, which will be opened for public access, including fishing.

The land provides important habitat for rare salamanders and turtles, and it overlooks Warren Brook, an important coldwater stream that supports native brook trout.

SVT is very excited about the success of this conservation effort, and we congratulate Upton residents for voting to protect this open space.

The property came to our attention several years ago, when we were meeting with Town officials about priority lands in Upton. Because of the property's valuable ecological characteristics, we identified it as being of the highest priority for conservation, and we've been working with the Town to protect this beautiful property and save the wildlife habitat.

The CR was appraised at $619,000, but it will cost the town only $177,000 of CPA funds, thanks to combination of additional funding from the state and a bargain sale by the Robertsons.