Third Grader Raises Funds to Save Pollinators


With motivated youth like Matthew Rosenblum, the future of conservation is in good hands.

In early 2020, Matthew (who was in third grade at the time) learned that our native bees and other pollinators are endangered, partly due to the loss of habitat. Rather than hope for the best, this young member of the First Parish of Sudbury decided to take action.

Matthew launched a campaign called "Nature Needs Our Help" to raise funds in support of SVT's efforts to protect pollinator habitats. Through First Parish, he started selling reusable metal water bottles that sported his campaign slogan along with an image of a bee. Each bottle sold for $15, and by the end of 2020, Matthew had raised $600 for SVT.

But his impact extended far beyond fundraising. Matthew's passion inspired the Religious Education program at First Parish to incorporate the "Nature Needs Our Help" message into its April 2020 Earth Month curriculum. There were lessons on protecting pollinators and local ecosystems, a visit with a beekeeper, and at-home projects for building "bee hotels" and pinecone birdfeeders to help local wildlife.

Thank you to Matthew for his hard work in support of conservation and for encouraging others to take action, too. We are impressed by his ingenuity and his incentive to make a difference!