SVT Comments on Hunting Expansion at Wildlife Refuges

Photo by Steve Forman.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is proposing an expansion of hunting opportunities at three national wildlife refuges in the SVT region: Great Meadows (regional), Assabet River (Sudbury-Marlborough-Maynard), and Oxbow (Harvard). Hunting has been permitted at these three refuges since 2005. 

The proposal would enlarge the area where hunting is permitted, promote opportunities for disadvantaged groups, and add some additional species, including bear, coyote, and fox. 

While SVT supports nature-based recreational hunting that focuses on species that are abundant and used for food, SVT opposes the hunting of bear, coyote, and fox, and we have submitted a public letter stating this opposition.

The USFWS has posted the draft hunt plans for expansion of hunting opportunities on its website.

The website also includes: