SVT Acts to Conserve Boxborough Property

Campbell/Sargent Road Land, Boxborough
Campbell/Sargent Road Land, Boxborough

Boxborough’s Campbell/Sargent Road Land is protected! Located along Sargent and Littlefield Roads, these 21 acres protect local water resources and create a connection between nearby conservation areas.

On October 25, SVT purchased the property to protect it from development. We’ll hold the land until the Town can reimburse us and take ownership in a few months time. 

Part of the Town's funding will come from a $400,000 LAND (Local Acquisitions for Natural Diversity) grant that it received from the Commonwealth for this project. In addition, the Boxborough Conservation Trust raised over $200,000 to help offset the Town’s costs.

SVT is delighted to play a role in the protection of this important wildlife corridor, and we’ll eventually hold a conservation restriction on the property to ensure its ecological values are permanently protected.