New AmeriCorps Opportunity at SVT


SVT has an opening for a Conservation Steward as part of the Student Conservation Association Massachusetts Conservation Corps program. This position is expected to run 30 weeks, from March 29 to October 22, 2021.

The Conservation Steward will assist with property maintenance and management at SVT's 90 reservations (which total 2,350 acres) and along SVT's 65 miles of trails.

Working alone and with volunteers, the Conservation Steward will be responsible for several invasive plant control projects. The Steward will also conduct outreach to reservation visitors, mow trails and small fields, maintain trails and trail signage, and conduct property visits. The Conservation Steward may also assist with other conservation land stewardship tasks as needed. 

Breakdown of specific projects and estimated % of time spent on each:

  • Intensive invasive plant control (40%) - Conservation Steward will focus on four different invasive plant control project areas: (1) Smith Conservation Land - manually remove invasive plants, recruit and supervise volunteer efforts; (2) Gowings Swamp - evaluate knotweed in restoration area and determine actions needed, engage in selective removal of glossy buckthorn; (3) Wolbach Farm - manually remove invasive plants on grounds and adjacent forested areas, complete initial mapping update and assessments; (4) North Field -  manually remove invasive buckthorn, connect with and supervise efforts of Wayland Girl Scouts
  • Access and trails (30%) - Conservation Steward will engage in field mowing 1.5 days/week from mid-May through mid-August, with increased mowing possible at the end of the term. Conservation Steward will also respond to seasonal issues on trails as needed and be available to supplement volunteer stewards. Existing trail projects that the member may assist on include the following: (1) new bridge permitting to replace two existing bridges; (2) trail reroute to be completed during a group volunteer workday; (3) trail marking; (4) bridge and boardwalk maintenance and repair
  • Outreach and education (30%) - Conservation Steward will regularly visit the more popular SVT reservations to engage visitors in education about the SVT and their properties, as well as to encourage good dog-walking etiquette and other SVT rules and regulations. 
  • Checking property boundaries (5%)

Required Member Responsibilities (Essential Functions)

  • Invasive plant control at select SVT reservations
  • Training and serving alongside volunteers
  • General property monitoring and trail maintenance, including boundary checks
  • Visitor outreach and education
  • Providing firm and friendly guidance on dog-walking rules and etiquette

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree or upper class standing in natural resources management, environmental science, or related field of study
  • Experience with plant identification
  • Physical ability and willingness to operate a DR Field & Brush mower
  • Experience with basic hand and power tools
  • Willingness to spend long hours outdoors, sometimes bushwhacking
  • Have vehicle and valid driver’s license
  • Ability and willingness to interact with visitors for educational purposes

Recommended Qualifications

  • Experience with invasive plant identification and removal
  • Experience with public outreach and education
  • Experience working with volunteers
  • Experience with trail maintenance
  • Comfortable with operating a chainsaw

How to Apply

This position is part of a specialized SCA AmeriCorps program and if you are selected, you will be serving as an SCA AmeriCorps member. 

Please read the complete job description (Position ID: PO-00731428) and apply through the SCA website at