Nature Sightings: The Best of 2019

A coyote, by Steve Cumming.

We received over 400 Nature Sightings submissions in 2019, most of which included several photos of the flora and fauna in our region.

Thank you to all the photographers who shared these wonderful images. Your generosity has contributed to a growing list of nearly 650 species catalogued on this site. 

For your enjoyment, we’ve gathered some of our favorite images into our annual Best of Nature Sightings album. This year's collection includes mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, flowering plants, insects, and even a crustacean. Beyond capturing our imagination, as you've seen in our weekly Nature Sightings e-newsletter, these images help us communicate the importance of SVT's mission.

View our picks in the SVT Nature Sightings, Best of 2019 Google Photo Album.

If you have an interesting picture or video to share, please contact Dan Stimson at [email protected]

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