Lincoln-Sudbury Students Pitch in on SVT Properties

L-S seniors assisted the effort to create a trail connection at our Lyons-Cutler Reservation.
At Memorial Forest, the L-S students pulled glossy buckthorn near our pitch pine/scrub oak restoration area.
Two students worked together to pull up an impressively long buckthorn root.
Our Wolbach Farm property is much tidier, thanks to the L-S seniors who cleared brush and pulled lilies of the valley.

On June 1, SVT received assistance from seniors at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School who volunteered with us as part of their Community Service Day. As their high school careers wind down, these students eagerly pitched in to help with several projects.

At our Lyons-Cutler Reservation in Sudbury, one group trimmed brush from a trail and hauled out lumber from a damaged bridge. Their efforts will help us re-establish a connection to a trail head on Raymond Road.

Other students pulled up glossy buckthorn at Memorial Forest--part of our long-term effort to manage invasive plants at the property. The L-S students worked near our pitch pine/scrub oak restoration area, and two of them worked with enough gusto to pull up a buckthorn root that was more than 5 feet long. 

We also welcomed a number of students to our Wolbach Farm headquarters, where they did a great job in helping us tidy our property for the summer. Some cleared brush along the road and in the fields, and others pulled lilies of the valley that were aggressively spreading up the hillside behind our headquarters.

Thank you to all of the students for your hard work!