Deer Management

The Council is concerned about the detrimental impacts on habitat by deer over-browsing and the spread of Lyme disease.  We hosted two public forums and several towns have been moving forward with instituting regulated hunting on selected conservation lands.


Examples of management in the region
  • The Town of Boxborough worked to lessen the severity of its no firearms by-law and was successful in doing away with the by-law altogether.  Since then the town has seen a significant decrease in mating doe to deer populations.
  • The Town of Weston has created a "Deer Management Toolkit".
  • Towns & Cities with deer hunting programs: Berlin, Boxborough, Carlisle, Dover, Sudbury, Framingham, Harvard (proposed but not yet scheduled), Sherborn, Westborough, Weston
  • Hunting is also legal on private property, where allowed, as well as MassWildlife, National Wildlife Refuges and some Department of Conservation and Recreation lands.


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   Quabbin Reservoir Research
   Weston-specific Examples
Deer Overabundance, compiled by Thomas J. Rawinski, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH (March, 2013)