Managing Your Land for Conservation Purposes



SVT welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your land management options. Through active land stewardship, you can greatly enhance the wildlife habitat and conservation values of your property. 

If there is a conservation restriction (CR) on your land, any project needs to fit within the terms of the CR. We will gladly work with you to figure out what is permitted by the CR and to plan a course of action. 

Example habitat-improvement projects include:

  • establishing a wildflower garden or meadow to benefit pollinating insects and birds;
  • letting peripheral lawn areas grow into meadows to encourage nesting by birds that depend on grassland habitat;
  • installing bluebird and wood duck boxes;
  • removing or controlling invasive species;
  • planting native species; 
  • improving trails and wetlands crossings; and
  • managing woodlands for wildlife habitat and firewood production.

Habitat Types

The projects that are appropriate for your land will depend upon the habitat types that are present.

The communities around the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers host a wide range of habitat types, including wetlands, forests, and meadows, each of which offers different management opportunities and challenges. 

Read more about managing each type of habitat:

Also see our Eco-Landscaping page for tips on improving the habitat in your backyard.


Contact Us: SVT's Stewardship Staff

We are always willing to discuss your land management options with you and point you toward the best resources for your situation. Contact information for our Stewardship staff is listed on the Contact SVT page.