Chickatawbut Woods, Framingham

Photo by Sherry Fendell
Photo by Sherry Fendell

SVT and the City of Framingham are collaborating on a project to protect Chickatawbut Woods in the northern part of the city. 

This 19-acre wooded property off Edmands Road is owned by Impact Framingham, a nonprofit organization formerly known as the Framingham Civic League. The land was given to the Civic League in 1963 for educational, recreational, and open space purposes, and has been vacant since that time. SVT and the City have been in discussions to acquire and protect this property for more than a decade.

In Spring 2020, SVT reached an agreement to purchase the property, and the City of Framingham is now seeking a LAND grant to help with the purchase price. If SVT succeeds in buying the land, the City of Framingham will hold a conservation restriction over it.

Property Description

This forested property includes a diversity of healthy plant life as well as some wetland areas, and it is listed in BioMap2 as providing Core Habitat for a Species of Conservation Concern in Massachusetts.

Why protect this land

Chickatawbut Woods sits in the Greater Callahan Area, which spans about 20-square miles in the region where Framingham, Marlborough, Southborough, and Sudbury intersect. This area has long been known for its beautiful landscapes, many of which have been protected as conservation land.

SVT has identified Chickatawbut Woods as a priority for protection because it represents an important link in well over 500 acres of directly conserved land, and thousands more protected acres in the immediate vicinity. 

This 19-acre parcel directly links two pieces of City-owned conservation land, which in turn connect to Wittenborg Woods, the Nobscot Scout Reservation (300 acres of which is protected by a CR held by the Town of Sudbury and SVT), Sudbury’s Nobscot Conservation Area, and Callahan State Park. 

The wooded property also features healthy plant life, valuable wetlands, and important wildlife habitat.

How we will protect this land

SVT will purchase the property to prevent it from being developed. The City of Framingham will hold a conservation restriction over the land to ensure that its ecological features remain protected in perpetuity. 

The land is currently traversed by some informal trails, which are accessible from conservation lands to the north and south. SVT will open them to the public for passive recreation such as hiking and bird watching. 

Fundraising Campaign

SVT has reached an agreement to purchase the property from Impact Framingham for $175,000. In Fall 2020, we will launch a campaign to raise the needed funds, and the City of Framingham is applying for a LAND (Land and Water Conservation Fund) grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to offset part of the purchase price. 

If the sale goes through, SVT will own the property and the City of Framingham will hold a conservation restriction over it to ensure its ecological features are protected.