Bumble Bee Project: Pollinator Plantings

Pollinator Planting Map Image

The Metrowest Conservation Alliance's (MCA) Bumble Bee Project (BBP) is tracking the locations of gardens and other sites that provide habitat specifically for at-risk bumble bees. These bees rely on specific plants that give them access to pollen and nectar throughout their active months (March-October).

Based on information provided to us by area homeowners, organizations, and other gardeners, we have created an online interactive map that shows where these gardens are located in the SVT region. Everyone is welcome to add a garden to the map!

Our map only shows gardens in the SVT-MCA region. To be eligible, a garden must have at least one plant that provides pollen and nectar for at-risk pollinators. (See "Recommended Plants and Where to Find Them" on the main BBP page.)

To add a garden to the map, fill out our online form. (Be sure to provide your email so we can contact you if we have any questions.)

How to Read the Map

There are three categories of Pollinator Plantings:

  1. "Partial" gardens provide pollen and nectar resources during some of the active months (March through October),
  2. "All Seasons" gardens have those resources during all of the active months.
  3. "Pollinator Preservation Gardens" meet certain standards as to size, plant species diversity, and quantity requirements. These gardens provide a complete habitat for these declining bees. Gardens must be certified to achieve this designation.