Storybook Trail at Wolbach Farm

Ideal for families with young readers, the Storybook Trail at Wolbach Farm in Sudbury consists of a dozen stations along a 3/4-mile path through the woods. Each station contains a few pages of a children's book chosen especially for families with toddlers or young readers.

You can read the story while enjoying a pleasant walk and encouraging your children to explore nature.

The trail, which goes up and over a hill through the woods, can be uneven and muddy (or snowy and icy in winter). Please wear proper footwear, and note that it's best to leave the stroller in the car.

We post a new book every season, so there's always a good reason to return to Wolbach.

May-June 2024: Visitors to the Storybook Trail at Wolbach Farm can now enjoy One Earth by Eileen Spinelli (with illustrations by Rogério Coelho). By pointing out the many ways we can help take care of the environment, the story helps children gain an appreciation of our one planet.

Other titles have included:

The Gruffalo   *   A Seed is Sleepy   *   Over and Under the Snow   *   The Great Kapok Tree

The Wish Tree   *   The Curious Garden   *   and then it's spring   *   The VERY Impatient Caterpillar

Owl Moon    *   We're Going on a Leaf Hunt   *   Cold Snap   *   We Wait for the Sun   *   Growing Vegetable Soup

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Extra, Extra: Enjoy a Scavenger Hunt

Whether at Wolbach Farm, at another trail, or on a neighborhood street, kids and families can make a fun game out of searching for birds, flowers, and other signs of nature. Download our Family Nature Scavenger Hunt as a guide. Nature terms are provided in five languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Haitian Creole.


History of the Storybook Trail


In Fall 2016, two local Girl Scouts--Elizabeth Ostrowski and Caitlin Myron--created the Storybook Trail along the George Lewis Memorial Trail at Wolbach Farm. In December 2020, Boy Scout Conner Goodwin designed, built, and installed new cases for the posts in order to better protect the book pages from the elements.