MCA Priority: Climate Adaptation

The Metrowest Conservation Alliance (MCA) believes that adapting to climate change is a challenge that must be addressed through a variety of actions. Land protection is one of the many strategies that can be employed. Land protection addresses climate change through bolstering ecosystem services, mitigating the impacts of extreme weather, and increasing carbon sequestration.

The key program addressing the effects of climate in Massachusetts is the state’s Municipality Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program. The MVP program is a grant program that is designed to support the municipalities of Massachusetts in building resilience in a changing climate. The program has two-parts: First, a community receives a planning grant to create an MVP plan. Then, once the community has a MVP plan, it is eligible for action grants to carry out the goals and implement specific projects outlined in the plan.

Climate Change Resources

For up-to-date climate information and science related to forestry, MVP, change in precipitation, etc. check out the Massachusetts Clearing House

From the MassWildlife Climate Action Tool, select your topic of interest to learn how climate change is affecting these aspects of your community:

  • Fish & Wildlife
  • Forest Resources
  • Roads & Infrastructure
  • Wetland & Aquatic Resources

Use the tool to explore and plan climate change adaptation strategies, including:

  • Improving Policy
  • Laws & Regulations
  • Land Use Planning
  • Land Management
  • Land Protection

Resources for land protection 

Resources for land management