Nobscot Scout Reservation


The Nobscot Scout Reservation boasts the best hill climbing and wilderness experience in our Metrowest region, with some steep hill climbs and extensive pine-oak forest woodlands. Those who are able to climb up Tippling Rock will also enjoy a view of the Boston skyline. Flatter walks through the woods and a few open fields are easily accessible from the parking lot.

Full Description

The Nobscot Scout Reservation, a 452-acre property in Framingham and Sudbury, is devoted to the outdoor education of students as well as to religious and community youth groups. The property is owned by the Mayflower Council of the Boy Scouts.

For information about camping or facilities reservations, please contact the Mayflower Council.

While the Scouts own the entire property, the Town of Sudbury and SVT co-hold a conservation restriction on 303 acres of the Sudbury portion of the land. The CR permanently protects a large expanse of valuable habitat in a highly developed area.

  • Nobscot provides some of the best hills hiking and wilderness experiences in the SVT region.
  • Views to Mt. Wachusett, Mt. Monadnock, and on a clear day, the Boston skyline, can be found along the trails, including from Tippling Rock, which is a prominent hilltop that stands at 410 feet in elevation. 
  • The Nixon Trail is named for Revolutionary War General John Nixon—a veteran of the Concord fight and Bunker Hill battle—who lived on the mountain for a time.
  • Along Thirty Rod Road, a historical marker indicates the site of the 18th-century smallpox burial ground. Nearby are the cellar holes of the pest houses where patients were isolated. 
  • The reservation provides habitat for the eastern box turtle. These turtles primarily inhabit the woodlands and will use any open, sunny, sandy area for nesting in the spring.
  • The reservation also provides habitat, including vernal pools, for the blue-spotted salamander.


With mapping software, search for this address: 1 Nobscot Road, Sudbury, MA

From Route 20 in Sudbury, take Nobscot Road south toward Framingham. Follow Nobscot Road for 1.1 miles. The entrance and parking area will be on your right.

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Nearby Nature Sightings

A white-tailed deer at Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury, photographed by Duncan Speel.
Duncan Speel photographed a white-tailed deer at Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury.