Gray Conservation Area

Along with the adjacent conservation lands, Gray Conservation Area provides an outdoor museum of geologic features carved by the last glacier.  Most striking is the 40-foot-high ice-contact face that rises just south of Hop Brook. The top of the face is pitted by kettle-holes that were formed when sand and gravel settled around chunks of ice left behind by the glacier. Eskers also wind through the property, and the glacier also left behind erratics, a drumlin, and a kame terrace. 

Glacial Features Walk:  Enjoy a self-guided tour of the glacial features at Gray. Use your cell phone or mobile device to scan QR codes to listen to a narrated tour or read a transcript of the narration.

Full Description

In 1976 Mrs. Stephen Gray generously gave this land to SVT as a sanctuary for birds and wildlife. Because the land is almost entirely surrounded by residential development, its preservation as open space is particularly valuable.

  • The trails to the south of Gray lead to Sudbury Water District and town conservation lands with steep esker formations and a stunning open water and marsh view from a large bridge over the outflow from the pond.
  • A ramble through the properties on the map will take you through white pine and mixed oak woods, past flood-plain marshes and red maple swamp, across streams, and along the shores of man-made ponds. Wildflowers are common in late spring and early summer.
  • The Gray family created a pond by damming the stream that flows through the property to Hop Brook, a major tributary of the Sudbury River. Only the fireplace (by the bridge near point D on the map) remains of the cabin the Grays built near the dam, once the site of dances and skating parties (when winters were much colder than they are now). Stone walls enclose their former garden on the south side of Hudson Road.


With mapping software, search for this address: Hudson Road and Old Lancaster Road,  Sudbury, MA

From Sudbury Center (intersection of Route 27, or Old Sudbury Road, and Concord RoadFrom Sudbury Center, take Hudson Road west for 0.7 mile to Old Lancaster Road on your left. Turn left onto Old Lancaster Road. An SVT sign located on the corner of Hudson Road and Old Lancaster Road marks the parking lot.

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Nearby Nature Sightings

Japanese primrose at SVT's Gray Conservation Land in Sudbury, photographed by Glenn Pruszinski.
Glenn Pruszinski photographed this Japanese primrose at SVT's Gray Conservation Land in Sudbury.
A tree chewed by a beaver at the Town of Sudbury's Haynes Meadow Conservation Land, photographed by Liz Hanna.
Liz Hanna photographed these trees chewed by beavers along Hop Brook at the Town of Sudbury's Haynes Meadow Conservation Land.
A fisher in a tree cavity at SVT's Gray Reservation in Sudbury, photographed by Jon Turner.
Jon Turner photographed a fisher and its kit in a nest cavity at SVT's Gray Reservation in Sudbury.