Stop #1, Introduction


Welcome to the Glacial Features Walk

For the next 60 minutes you will see an unusually wide array of land forms created by the glacier covering this area some 10,000 years ago.

But first I would like to say a few words about the important role you play in preserving the basin for future generations. The trail network is close to susceptible drinking water wells and fragile aquifers. The trails lead you through habitats that can survive if they remain undisturbed. So please travel the 2-mile round-trip walk with a light foot that minimizes your impact on the water supplies, the land forms, and the flora/fauna.

Your walk through the Haynes Basin will originate in SVT's Gray Reservation, cross into Haynes Meadow Town Conservation Land, and end at the Sudbury Water District well field. Your route to the 9 stops is marked by Glacial Features Tour trail markers and can be followed on an interactive Google map. Use the same trailblazer to guide you back along the same route to the Gray Reservation parking lot.

Use the text version to avoid disturbing other hikers unless you have headphones. If you are unable to use the text version or if you are part of a group, you are welcome to play the audio version. At every stop be sure to be facing the signpost so you will see the glacial feature when asked to “look to your left” or “look ahead of you”.

As the glacier grew and moved southward, it ground up and captured a wide variety of rocks that, when later deposited, formed the erratics, eskers, drumlins, kame terraces, ice contact faces, kettles, and many more glacial features. The basin is unique in having so many textbook glacial features in one place, each sized so we can comprehend the shape. It is like an outdoor museum.

To begin your exploration of these glacial features: Walk 100 yds. to intersection A. Turn right, then proceed 50 yds. to stop #2.