Lyons-Cutler Boardwalks Are Open!

Lyons-Cutler Boardwalk--Second Boardwalk
Volunteers Eric Foertsch, Dan Clawson, and Jim Shelhamer stand atop the second boardwalk at Lyons-Cutler on September 11, 2023.
Lyons-Cutler, First Boardwalk
A group of volunteers stood atop the boardwalk they built on a workday during National Volunteer Week in April.

Thanks to many volunteers who constructed two new boardwalks in the past five months, visitors can now access our Lyons-Cutler Conservation Land in Sudbury from Raymond Road. The trail from this access point runs through Town of Sudbury and Sudbury Water District lands before reaching Lyons-Cutler.

The boardwalks were made possibly by a $10,000 grant from The Public Lands Fund, a program of Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation. 

The first boardwalk was constructed in April, thanks to a large group of volunteers who participated in a workday during National Volunteer Week.

Over the summer, a smaller contingent of volunteers worked with staff to build the second boardwalk, which was completed on September 11. The winding elevated structure is more than 100 feet long and passes over a tributary to Allowance Brook and the adjacent wetlands. 

This access links several neighborhoods off Raymond and Warren Roads to the flat trail loop that encircles the forest on the south edge of wide wetlands. This area at the confluence of Hop Brook and Allowance Brook (which are tributaries to the Sudbury River) has been home to generations of great blue herons that nest atop standing dead trees in the wetlands.

Visitors can spot many signs of beavers here, too, as well as ducks and geese. A walk in the winter can show tracks of deer, coyote, fisher, and more along the trails.

Lyons-Cutler can also be accessed through the Town of Sudbury's Landham Brook Marsh Conservation Land on Landham Road. The trail that leads from the main parking area offers a springtime chorus of breeding frogs from vernal pools.

Directions, a trail map, and a link to AllTrails are available on our Lyons-Cutler page.