Deer Management: Permit Process and Applications

Deer management is a stewardship tool that is used to promote a healthy forest. For ecological reasons, SVT issues a limited number of hunting permits on some of our properties.

Interested hunters may apply for permits to hunt at specified SVT properties. This page explains the process for filing an application and receiving a permit.

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Because of the limited number of permits, we have a waiting list for new hunters who are interested in an SVT permit.

All permits for 2020 have been issued. To be added to the waiting list for 2021, please read the following information and then fill out the hunter application form, as explained below. (Please do not call. All requests for permits must be made through the online application.)

Please note:

  • We limit the number of hunters at each property.
  • Interested hunters must apply for a permit directly from SVT.
  • We grant a new round of permits each year, typically in late summer.
  • We give preference to hunters who have received permits in previous years and have abided by our policies.
  • To apply for a permit, a hunter must have a valid Massachusetts hunting license and intend to apply for anterless tags.

Permitting Process and Rules: 

  • Hunters must fill out an application by July 1, prior to the start of hunting season.
  • SVT staff interviews applicants.
  • Hunters who are selected for permits must attend an SVT hunter orientation before receiving a permit for a specified property.
  • Hunters who are selected for permits must pass a proficiency test at least once every 5 years.
  • Hunters must fill out a log every time they hunt on the specified property.
  • Hunters are required to take extreme care to maintain public safety on our lands.
  • Hunters who do not follow these steps or who pose a safety risk will be denied a permit or will have their permit revoked.

In addition, we have the following expectations for hunters who receive SVT permits:

  • Hunters who receive permits are serving as SVT volunteers, and they must be willing and able to speak with any member of the public about SVT’s Deer Management program.
  • We ask permitted hunters to donate two hours of volunteer time on trail or property maintenance each year.
  • All permitted hunters are expected to put in adequate time to use all of the antlerless licenses they have acquired from the state. 

Each hunter’s compliance with these expectations is taken into account during future permitting reviews.

Permit Application

  • Before applying for an SVT permit, be sure to read SVT's Hunting Policies.
  • To be put on the waiting list for permits, fill out our online Hunter Application.
  • Please do not call regarding this application. We will not be making any decisions about permits until mid- to late-summer. We will send you an email about your status at that time. 

Questions? Send an email to [email protected].