Unexpected Heroes of Pollination

Bumblebees and butterflies are not our only native pollinators. Moths, beetles, sweat bees, and hummingbirds also play important roles in pollination.

Different flowers need different animals for pollination. Insects have tongues of varying lengths, so some species seek out flat-topped asters, while others look for elongated indigos. It’s a symbiotic relationship. If we want to conserve a rich diversity of flowering plants, we need to conserve the full suite of pollinators. 

Sweat bee (photo by Ron McAdow)

Ruby-throated hummingbird (photo by Garry Kessler)

Cecropia moth (photo by Debbie Costine)

Common oak moth (photo by Greg Dysart)

Red milkweed beetle (photo by Joan Chasan)

Goldenrod soldier beetle (photo by Matt Morris)