Winter Wren

An eastern bluebird at Baiting Brook-Welch in Framingham, photographed by Mike Perrin.
Mike Perrin photographed an eastern bluebird, a fox sparrow, and a winter wren at SVT's Baiting Brook-Welch Conservation Area in Framingham.
A winter wren at Valley Pond in Lincoln, photographed by Norm Levey.
Norm Levey photographed this winter wren at Valley Pond in Lincoln. To hear the song of the winter wren, check out this recording that Norm made recently at SVT's Lyons-Cutler...
Norm Levey recorded the song of a winter wren at SVT's Lyons-Cutler Reservation in Sudbury. Also heard in the background are the calls of a black-capped chickadee, American robin, and...