Weed Warrior

Volunteer Job Description

The Weed Warrior program is managed by SuAsCo CISMA.

Title Weed Warrior
Responsibility Identify and manually remove invasive plants from SVT properties
Skills Needed Critical: Basic plant identification skills and ability to work independently
Desired: Very good plant identification skills
Hours Required Two work sessions (at least 30 minutes each) per month
Duration June to October
Location Sites located in Concord, Framingham, Sudbury, Littleton, and Berlin
Reports to SVT Land Steward
Training Provided - On-line and in-person invasive plant identification training with appropriate physical distancing in small groups
- SVT staff will certify volunteers once they have completed the training
Other notes - Only certified volunteers are able to participate
- Family units may participate if one adult is certified and can provide adequate supervision to other family members