Volunteer Needs

As a nonprofit organization, SVT relies on volunteers to help protect and steward land, to help coordinate events and programs, and to perform office tasks. SVT offers numerous volunteer opportunities for individuals and families who want to connect with nature and assist in our conservation efforts. We also devise outings for businesses who are interested in sponsoring volunteer days for their employees.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our current volunteer opportunities are listed at the bottom of this page. 

Apply to be an SVT volunteer

If you would like to be an SVT volunteer, please fill out a Volunteer Application.


If you have questions about our Volunteer Program, or are interested in a corporate volunteer day, contact Michael Sanders, 978-443-5588, ext. 111

Current VOLUNTEER Opportunities

You can find the opportunities that best match your skills and preferences by using the criteria filters. To choose multiple options from each category, press CTRL (Windows) or CMND (Mac) before clicking. Click "Apply Criteria Filters" to see a list of relevant opportunities. Click “Reset Criteria Filters” to clear all criteria and start over.