Red Flags at Gray Reservation

Have you seen these flags?

If you have been walking at SVT’s Gray Reservation in Sudbury, you might have noticed these colorful flags popping up along the route. But have you noticed what they are marking?

Dog poop!

We have marked dog poop with small flags at Gray Reservation as a means of visually representing the waste that has been left behind by our furry visitors. SVT is recording the amount of waste that is found at one of our highest traffic properties.

Even though we have installed a dog waste station at the Gray trailhead, we are still finding an extremely high amount of dog waste on the trails. We realize that visitors may not understand the amount of waste that is out on the trails, so these flags are intended to help everyone understand and visualize the abundance of dog waste at our trails.

Dog poop on or near a trail is never a fun sight to see--it's even less fun when you see it too late and you’re shoe has already landed in it. But even more than aesthetics, there are serious health consequences that come from not picking up after your dog.

Check out our Pet Waste Etiquette brochure to learn more.

When this visual project is over we hope to have a better understanding of the amount of pet waste that is being left on our trails, and hope that our visitors will also see how they and their dog make an impact on the health of our conservation land.

What can you do to help?

Pick up after your dog and practice carry in/carry out everywhere you go, even when a dog waste station is not provided. Invest in a device that will hold the waste for you while out on the trail, such as the TurdleBag, ScooPup Pocket, Doodie Pack or many other options!