Showy Emerald

Moths and Other Insects in Lincoln

August 6, 2018

Grape leafroller, genus Desmia, total length 16mm. There are two species in the genus that can be identified only by details seen in a ventral view. This specimen shows a gold leaf appearance under intense reflective light; typical coloring under normal daylight is quite dark, almost black, with contrasting white spots. Common.
Hydrangea Sphinx, Darapa veriscolor, Length about 40mm - uncommon in our region.
Hydrangea Sphinx, Darapa veriscolor, side view.
Large cranefly.
Large maple spanworm moth, Prochoerodes lineola, wingspread 46mm. Common.
Large maple spanworm, face view.
Northern pine looper, Caripeta piniata, wingspread 27-38mm. Another geometer.
Omnivorous leafroller, Archips purpurana, total length 14mm. Highly magnified.
Showy emerald, Dichorda iridaria, wingspread 20-30mm. Dichorda are a member the large populated family Geometridae, geometers.
Stink bug, Banasa dimidiata, 8.5 - 11mm. Highly magnified. There are hundreds of species of these colorful tiny true bugs in many genera.
Unidentified parasitic wasp.
White-dotted prominent, Nadata gibbosa, length 20-30 mm. (I call this common moth Trumponia donaldata.)

Norm Levey photographed several species of moths and insects near his home in Lincoln. Norm's description of each are in the photo captions.