Baltimore Oriole

Birds at Memorial Forest in Sudbury

June 10, 2009

Laura Mattei saw several ovenbirds, northern cardinals and eastern towhees along with a few baltimore orioles and a scarlet tanager at SVT's General Federation of Women's Clubs of Massachusetts Memorial Forest in Sudbury.

Baltimore Oriole in Boxborough

May 4, 2009

Baltimore Oriole by Dee Fleming

Dee Fleming photographed this Baltimore oriole in Boxborough.

Baltimore Oriole at Cedar Hill Reservation, Northborough

May 2, 2009

Baltimore Oriole by Marge Fisher

Marge Fisher photographed this Baltimore oriole at Cedar Hill Reservation in Northborough.

Baltimore Oriole

June 8, 2008

Craig Smith photographed this pair of Baltimore orioles at Heard Farm in Wayland (click on an image for a larger view).


Baltimore Oriole

June 11, 2006

Craig Smith photographed this Baltimore Oriole at Carol Getchell Nature Trail in Framingham (click on image for a larger view).