Vegetation Monitoring at Cedar Hill

Vegetation Monitoring at Cedar Hill in Northborough
Vegetation Monitoring at Cedar Hill in Northborough

Botanist Ted Elliman and SVT's Jane Maloney recently conducted a vegetation-monitoring visit at our Cedar Hill property in Northborough, where we have been restoring early successional shrub habitat for the past 20 years. 

We have made good progress in providing the habitat needed by prairie warblers, blue-winged warblers, and other declining species at this site, but there is still more to do. By tracking changes to the vegetation and measuring the success of our efforts, Ted and Jane collected data that will help us adjust our management plans for even greater success going forward.

During their visit, Ted and Jane took note of all of the species they found in a 10-meter diameter plot, and they estimated what percentage of that plot was covered by each species. They also surveyed the area for signs of invasive species. 

We conduct similar monitoring visits at all the properties where we restore wildlife habitats. Depending on the site and the types of plants we are restoring, SVT monitors either annually or every three to five years.

By comparing data over multiple years, we can track the progress of our restoration efforts and make adjustments to management as needed. We also conduct breeding bird surveys at these same sites. This helps us stay on top of our progress and ensure we are doing our best to care for the region's native species!