SVT's Comments on Eversource Project in Desert Natural Area

Memorial Forest, Photo by Raj Das

SVT continues to oppose Eversource's planned transmission line along the abandoned MBTA line between Sudbury and Hudson. The proposed underground utility line will cut through hundreds of acres of conservation land that was paid for with private, municipal, state, and federal dollars. This includes the Desert Natural Area, which sits at the intersection of Hudson, Marlborough, and Sudbury and incorporates SVT's Memorial Forest.

Eversource has been working on the transmission line project for several years, and SVT has responded with public statements in March 2016 and Spring 2017

On August 8 of this year, Eversource issued a Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR).  In response to the FEIR, SVT has expressed our concerns about the project to the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency.  Read our letter regarding the FEIR


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