SVT Trail Policies During the COVID-19 Crisis

SVT trails remain open for independent walks during the COVID-19 crisis, but we ask you to

  • Please comply with state and federal orders regarding public activities and masks.
  • Please follow guidelines recommended by government health agencies.

In addition to our regular Trail Policies, we also ask you to comply with the following:

On the Trail

  • Please be friendly and courteous to other visitors.
  • For social/physical distancing on the trails:
      -Step aside so others can pass while keeping distance.
      -Pause before crossing a bridge if someone is coming the other way.
      -If caught on a long board walk, turn away from passersby so you can pass without breathing on each other.
  • Please do not touch or use benches, map boxes, kiosks, and other physical structures.
  • If a trail is marked "closed," Do Not Enter it. (Our trails often cross trails and properties owned by others.)


  • Leash your dog. Our trails are receiving heavier-than-normal traffic.
      -Unleashed dogs that approach others can cause close interactions.
      -Also, our warm temperatures have led to earlier-than-normal bird nesting, and roaming dogs can upset wildlife.


  • Please park in designated parking areas.
  • If our lots are full, do not park along the edge of the road.
  • Please check our online maps to find the location of other parking areas, and possibly move on to a different property.


  • Please do not use the map boxes at our kiosks.
  • Download or print map from home to avoid having to touch the map boxes. Other options:
      -Scan the QR code at the kiosk to access and download the trail map.
      -Photograph the large map at the kiosk and use the photo as your trail map.
      -Use an online app such as to follow the trail.

Share Your Stories!

We invite you to share your experiences with those who are not able to get out. Please submit photos to our Nature Sightings page. And share your stories on photos with us on Facebook: @SudburyValleyTrust

Please remember that our natural areas are home to an amazing array of plants and animals. We are guests in their home. Please take care not to disturb it.