Success with Horse Meadows Knoll Fundraising!

Horse Meadows Knoll, Photo by Raj Das
Horse Meadows Knoll, Photo by Raj Das

SVT is excited to announce that we have met our fundraising goal for Horse Meadows Knoll!  In Fall 2017, we launched a $285,000 fundraising campaign to assist the Harvard Conservation Trust in its efforts to protect this beautiful 47-acre property, and we are thrilled with how our members and the general public responded.

Many individuals stepped up with generous gifts, and the property's outstanding conservation values won the support of eight different foundations.  We are especially grateful to Shalin Liu and the Summer Star Foundation for Nature, Art and Humanity, Inc. for getting us across the finish line with a generous $7320 gift. 

We are working to establish a parking area and hope to open the property this fall.  Stay tuned for updates!