Saving Hop Brook

Jim Shelhamer, Kelsey Thompson, Terry Lockhart, and Jim Makuc (not pictured) worked on the fence with SVT's Chris Reardon.
Save the Stream sign at SVT's Gray Conservation Area.

If you visit SVT's Gray Conservation Area in Sudbury, you'll see a new fence next to a bridge that crosses a stream that is a tributary to Hop Brook.

With the help of volunteers Jim Shelhamer, Jim Makuc, Kelsey Thompson, and Terry Lockhart, SVT installed the fence to prevent dogs from running into the brook and damaging the streambank. 

Over time, heavy dog traffic has killed the plants that hold the streambank together. This has eroded the bank and caused dirt to slide into the water, which creates problems for the animals that live in the stream.

Next spring, we will plant native trees and shrubs along the bank to restore the plant life and stabilize the bank. The fence will offer protection to the young plants and give them time to become established.

While the work crew was installing the fence, at least 10 dogs crossed the bridge, highlighting the popularity of this trail for dog walkers and indicating how essential it is to keep dogs off the streambank and out of the water.  

Thank you for keeping your dogs on the bridge when crossing streams in conservation areas!