NestWatch: The Birds Need You

Yellow Warbler Nest. Photo by Joan Chasan
Yellow Warbler Nest. Photo by Joan Chasan

SVT is seeking volunteers to participate in the NestWatch project. NestWatch is a nationwide monitoring program coordinated by the Cornell lab of Ornithology in order to track the reproductive status and trends of birds.

SVT is providing a training session for anyone who would like to participate in NestWatch: 

Tuesday, March 19
7:00 to 9:00 pm
Wolbach Farm
Wolbach Road, Sudbury

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Top 4 Reasons to be a NestWatch Volunteer:

  1. You’ll contribute extremely valuable information that can help to improve management strategies and stewardship.
  2. Without your help, it would be impossible to gather enough information to accurately monitor nesting birds locally and nationally.
  3. Your observations are added to a continually growing database used by researchers to understand and study birds.
  4. You’ll learn firsthand about birds, creating a lifelong bond with the natural world.