Memorial Forest: Trails Have Reopened

June 2014: One month after the prescribed burn.

As of Monday, March 12, we have reopened all of the trails at Memorial Forest. Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve the habitat  at this popular property.


The effort to restore pitch pine/scrub oak barrens in the Desert Natural Area and Memorial Forest on the Marlborough-Sudbury border continues. This is a long-term project being undertaken by the City of Marlborough and SVT. We are working to restore these unusual barrens that provide habitat for rare species such as the whip-poor-will and wild lupine.

In the next few weeks, the City of Marlborough and SVT will begin mowing a 14-acre area near trail junctions E and F. We'll also be removing dead trees from that site. The City of Marlborough received a habitat restoration grant from MassWildlife that underwrites this work.

The work will take approximately seven days, and the public will be unable to use portions of the trails while the equipment is onsite.  

Please comply with the "Do Not Enter" signs posted in the affected areas. This is a temporary closure. We will reopen the trails as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

The area near trail junctions E and F is where we conducted a prescribed burn in 2014. Pitch pine/scrub oak barrens rely on periodic fires in order to rejuvenate. The current mowing and dead tree removal is necessary to create conditions for another safe burn that we plan to conduct in three to five years.

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