Mainstone Farm Is Protected!

Nan Balmer, Wayland Town Administrator, and Lisa Vernegaard, Executive Director of Sudbury Valley Trustees, are pleased to announce that conservation of Mainstone Farm was completed on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. A Conservation Restriction (CR) was recorded that permanently protects 208 acres of the farm’s pastures and forest. A second CR protects an additional 10-acre area of the farm, within which one single family home may be built in the future.

Ms. Balmer stated: “I am sure that the Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission, and Community Preservation Committee join me in thanking the whole community that came together to accomplish the preservation of such a rich landscape. We all will be the beneficiaries. “

The CR was purchased from the Hamlen family for $15 million, which represented a discount from an appraised value of $17 million. Last May, Wayland voters approved spending $12 million for the CR with Community Preservation Funds, and SVT raised the remaining $3 million from individuals and foundations.

“What an extraordinary win for conservation!” said Ms. Vernegaard. “Our regional wildlife, our hikers, and Wayland residents will celebrate this day for generations to come.”

The CR will allow the Hamlens to continue farming on the property. SVT, together with the Town of Wayland, will maintain trails that are open to the public and are currently accessible from the Hamlen Woods conservation area on Rice Road. Additional parking will soon be available off Forest Hill Road. 

The Town and SVT thank the Hamlen family for the opportunity to work with them to protect this beautiful landscape, as well as the many residents who have supported the effort over the past year.  


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