Help Pull Garlic Mustard at Cowassock Woods

Rob St. Germain, a member of the Ashland Town Forest Committee and an SVT Volunteer, has been working to reduce garlic mustard and other invasive plants at the entrance to SVT's Cowassock Woods Reservation in Framingham.

So far, Rob has collected enough garlic mustard to fill three large rice bags and a large contractor bag. And there's still more to go.

You can help!  Please feel free to go on your own to Cowassock Woods and pull garlic mustard from around the entrance kiosk on Salem End Road. Garlic mustard can be piled tightly on a rock to dry out and die. (Please send us a photo to show us how much you pull!)

For tips on identifying and pulling garlic mustard, watch this video created by Kristin O'Brien, SVT Land Steward.